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Our People

Alan Egan

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Alan is the founder of Egan Systems with years of computer experience. Since 1975 he has specialized in Unisys ClearPath Libra (MCP, Burroughs Large) Systems.

His expertise is in performance, datacomm, networking, restart, recovery, reliability, automated operations, printing systems, and disk pack management systems. He has written MCP and ALGOL compiler patches. Since 2001 he has become introduced to Java, and has become an expert in web enabling with WebTS, Atlas, WebPCM, HTML and JavaScript.

Alan has taught classes in A Series Architecture and Basic System Support, beginning and advanced NDLII, Introduction to Data Communications, A Series Operations, and NAU.

Nancy Egan Sharma

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Nancy has been working on computers of all sizes since 1976. She specialized in Unisys (Burroughs) Large Systems until 1992. Her expertise is in performance, datacomm, real-time multi-tasking systems, reliability, and database.

Since 1992 Nancy has specialized in PC platforms. She has expertise in Visual Basic, Access, HTML, JavaScript, graphics design, Word, and Excel.

Last updated 2 August 2012